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We believe an organization's willingness to evolve is key to improving a team's ability to perform . Therefore, when we experience a change or event that makes us better, we are excited to share it here:

Parallax621 Partners with Nexus Technologies for Vibration Sensitivity Analysis

Though seeing the big picture is important to the successful launch of a new invention, recognizing the importance of  fine grained domain expertise is equally important. That is why we partnered with Nexus Technologies for load ...

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Parallax 621 releases its Hyper Sensitive Modeling Process

Our latest modeling techniques focus on fine grained analysis to help ensure minor material weaknesses don't become major product nightmares....

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Parallax 621 commits to Onshape

After a diligent evaluation process, Parallax 621 has selected Onshape as its primary CAD vendor due to its accelerated development cycle, ip protection infrastructure, and zero IT footprint....

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Parallax 621 in the news

Due to East End Maker Hub's (EEMH) focus on supporting innovators such as Parallax 621, we are pleased to announce EEMH will be our primary home. Apparently EEMH is also excited to have us as a partner, releasing the following pre...

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We are a technology accelerator that leverages our founder's experiences in science and technology to open doors for unconventional visionaries and innovators by taking their ideas from startup to market with products and services that are socially conscious, sustainable, and community focused.

We believe that the best ideas come from unexpected sources!

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Ben Peters


Benjamin Peters leverages his NASA background to develop and manage technology development, intellectual property, and test systems for Parallax 621 and its customers. At the Johnson Space Center, he led the development of environmental protection systems for space suits.

Phillip Lentz


Phillip Lentz is an experienced leader in technology start-ups through his previous ventures in information technology companies including Logic Trends Inc. He is also an experienced venture capital investor, and his research is at the core of the company’s product portfolio.

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